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6 min readJun 8, 2022


Alright, Alright Alright…

We are almost ready for you guys. Let me tell you…the devs are freaking grinding behind the scenes. As of today we are about 90% done with our MVP of exoStart, exoSwap, & exoLock. We are absolutely on track for an end of Q2, early Q3 launch.

While things are heating up at Exo and it’s time we push forward on our next Pre-Sale Round. We have made a few adjustments based on some community feedback, market sentiment, and overall crypto fundraising strategies that we have determined just don’t make sense for what we are cooking up!

With that in mind, a recent piece of functionality we have added to the exoStart launchpad offering is an ability for projects to split their presale into different “series”, with part of the presale allocation being reserved for future token sales/offerings taking place after the token/product launches. This provides crypto projects with the ability to hold fundraising rounds for an injection of capital later in their life cycles, in the same way traditional publicly-traded companies raise cash by issuing shares. To our knowledge, this is the first time such functionality is going to be made available within crypto, and it solves a lot of the problems teams might have when it comes to cashflow, or launching during bearish conditions when selling the full presale amount might be difficult.

Any project using this feature would be required to set the discounts and vesting terms in advance, to ensure complete transparency and remove any possibility for the devs to change terms on their holders. The discounts would then apply to whatever the market price of the token is at the time the token sale round takes place. We are pretty excited for this new development and feel it has the potential to be a major shift in change the way projects hold pre-sales.

The current presale model means that new crypto projects are required to raise all of their required funds before launch — irrespective of market conditions — but there is no reason why it has to be this way (and it certainly does not work this way in the traditional business world). It’s just that there is no way currently to verifiably, transparently hold such rounds in a way that doesn’t open holders/investors up to shady activities by project devs. Until now.

This, in turn, raises an interesting possibility — that we modify the $EXO token presale, and reallocate part of the token sale to be used in a “Series B” round later in the year. Our presale was designed to enable us to comfortably cover all the expenses involved in developing the entire whitepaper; meaning development, marketing, liquidity and other ongoing operational expenses. This will, of course, be an ongoing, long term process — meaning we don’t need access to the entire presale amount on day 1. Shifting some of our sale to a later date is therefore perfectly feasible from a project cashflow perspective, and this new exoStart functionality has removed the practical barriers to doing so.

A few community members have raised concerns about the current market and how it might impact our launch. Whilst the great progress made on our utilities and the fact we will launch our token alongside them puts us in a strong position relative to most projects in this space, we also acknowledge these are legitimate concerns and we have had discussions internally about the best way to proceed both for our investors and the long-term health of the EXO project. Based on these discussions, we feel that splitting the presale up in this way — selling a smaller initial amount and holding a second round of fundraising at a later date — offers several advantages and is an excellent way to protect our seed and presale investors.

Here is how it is going down…

We hold P1 and public rounds as planned, but shift P2 into the aforementioned “Series B” fund to be held at some point in the near to mid-term.

For the sake of this example, we’ll say Series B is held 6 months after the $EXO token and MVP launch:

  • P1 becomes Series A
  • 25% of Series A will be made available at a larger discount (30% instead of 20%) for whitelist spot holders
  • Series A and seed round no longer require a cliff
  • Vested tokens begin unlocking sooner after launch
  • Seed fund discount will be increased to 35% (meaning those who contributed to the seed will receive a 5% bonus compared to the original discount)
  • Public round is held on exoStart before launch as planned as a demo and use-case of our platform
  • P2 allocation moves into Series B, to be held at a later date — Series B will have a 30% discount based on the EXO token market price at the time, with tokens vested over a 6-month period

If we look at the present presale tokenomics, Series A (formerly P1) has 6-month vesting with the cliff now removed. So at the time Series B goes live, all Series A tokens would already be unlocked (with 3 months of the much smaller seed round remaining), and public round buyers will have already received all tokens. Vesting for Series B (formerly P2) would then begin, spreading the sell pressure from presale profit taking even more thinly, well into 2023. This significantly increases token scarcity over the first year of the project, and the advantages for seed/P1 buyers are pretty obvious:

  • Smaller presale, preserving more demand for post-launch
  • Reduced supply on day 1 (no 20% immediate release on P2)
  • Lower circulating supply during first 6 months
  • ~41.3% fewer presale tokens unlocked over this period
  • Any profit taking from presale tokens is spread out over a longer period


  • SEED: Anyone who contributed to the SEED round will see a 35% discount, 9 mo vesting with the 2 month’ cliff’ period remove
  • WHITELIST: 30% Discount, 6 month vesting (cliff removed)
  • SERIES A: will have a 20% discount, 6 mo vesting with the 1 month ‘cliff’ period removed
Series A
  • PUBLIC: discount n/a, no cliff, 1-month vesting (50% tokens released on day 1)
  • SERIES B: 30% discount on market price at time of round, no cliff, 6-month vesting — round to be held at a future date, to be determined post launch.

We feel this is a much more sustainable approach to project fundraising, allowing projects to secure the funding they need to get their core development done, while setting aside a discounted token allocation for a later raise to further their project growth and longevity.

Ok so WEN you ask?

We will be hosting a community AMA in our Discord on Thursday at 1PM PST. The team will be there to provide updates on development thus far, answer any presale related questions and answer any questions about our Exo platform.

During this AMA we will be giving out our final 10 Whitelist spots for our Whitelist round. Shortly after, we will be opening our exoStart dashboard for whitelisters to begin contributing to our whitelist round.

Fear not for those who are not whitelisted! The Whitelist round will only be open for a period of 14 days. After that 14 day period, we will be opening our Series A round for anyone who is interested in participating. To participate in the Series A round, a form will be available for submission.

If you have secured a whitelist spot, you will receive an email with directions on how to contribute to the whitelist round.

See you all Thursday!

The Exo Team

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