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3 min readMar 3, 2022


Innovation In The Decentralized Exchange Space Has Stagnated.

The Problem

The runaway success of the Uniswap model — combined with the unique, open-source nature of blockchain development that makes it easier for new projects to fork and redeploy existing solutions instead of coming up with something new — has stifled creativity and removed the usual incentives to innovate that exist within a competitive market. exo.fi is about to change all that.

The Solution

Exo Labs is a true next-generation, omni-chain decentralized exchange platform, offering a single point of access to De-Fi trading and investment opportunities across all current and future smart contract networks.

Beginning with Binance Smart Chain, followed by expansion to the Fantom and Ethereum networks and more, exo.fi‘s cross-chain bridging will bring class-leading innovations and functionality to the entire smart contract ecosystem, changing the way cryptocurrency projects launch, trade and grow forever.

While new and emerging smart contract networks present huge opportunities, breaking the dominance of existing DEX platforms on older blockchains has historically proven challenging to new entrants into the market.

For Traders

exo.fi will disrupt this current status quo by offering powerful incentives to traders — with a smooth, intuitive UX along with exotic order types, DEX aggregation, trading fee rebates, prize fund distributions and more.

For Project Developers

Project developers, who will be given unparalleled freedom and flexibility to control how their token is traded on our platform, with a feature-rich launchpad for new tokens and financial incentives for older/existing tokens to migrate trading liquidity over from other DEXes. A suite of additional tools and utilities — some of which have already been built — will serve to further simplify the process of community management and bring projects and their holders closer together.

The Core of Exo Labs

Underpinning this platform is the $EXO utility token, a deflationary governance currency which unlocks access to various tiers of functionality across the entire DEX-launchpad ecosystem, whilst simultaneously powering offerings such as staking, farming, prize pools/lottery and more.

With flashloan/exploit prevention measures in place, and full control over emission rates along with buyback/burn built in to DEX fees, the entire token is designed to ensure security and maintain scarcity of supply.

Beyond this, however, the $EXO token’s biggest innovation lies in its brand new, rising-pegged mechanics — creating an ever-rising price floor for the $EXO token backed by fee revenues generated across all exo products.

This base ecosystem is the foundation around which a comprehensive suite of De-Fi products is being built, comprising the most popular offerings already seen around the current crypto space along with a series of brand new innovations unique to the exo project.

How We Do It

The single most common complaint from investors in project presales/IDOs is that dev teams frequently over-promise before the sale, only to under-deliver once the sale has actually sold out.

Too often, huge pre-launch hype is followed by delays in delivering utility, insufficient marketing, and calls for investors to “be patient” while their initial investment slowly loses value and the presale funds go unspent.

exo.fi has a simple strategy to upend this paradigm; put in place agreements with organizations and individuals who are the best at what they do, in all the core areas — development, marketing, branding, social media, community management and more — and have them ready to go from day one.

There will be no sitting on an unused dev wallet for months on end. We have ambitious pre-launch goals, and the funds raised will immediately be put to work on creating an unrivaled platform of utilities, complete with a comprehensive marketing campaign to match. This two-pronged approach ensures we will be able to build a trading ecosystem that no other DEX can match — in a time frame they can’t compete with — and that the entire cryptocurrency community will know about it very quickly.

Welcome to exo. Evolution is here.

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